How Robert Kiyosaki make his money ?

1. Robert Kiyosaki selling her books :-

Renowned author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has an impressive track record with 30 published books, selling nearly 50 million copies worldwide. By August 2022, his various entrepreneurial pursuits had amassed profits surpassing $100 million.

His most notable work, "Rich Dad Poor Dad," held a remarkable position as a New York Times Best Seller for six consecutive years and has sold over 32 million copies. Alongside his literary accomplishments, Kiyosaki's high-end seminars have proven incredibly lucrative, drawing substantial revenue ranging in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2. Robert Kiyosaki real estate :-

At just 26 years old, Robert Kiyosaki's interest in real estate was sparked with his acquisition of a four-unit apartment in Hawaii. Establishing Rich Global LLC in 1977, he delved into real estate investment, manufacturing, retail, and financial education.

Over time, Kiyosaki invested millions in both residential and commercial real estate ventures across multiple states, from Arizona to Georgia. He began with a $45,000 investment in a $65,000 house, generating a monthly net income of $40. Capitalizing on market trends, he sold the property for $95,000 and reinvested in a $300,000 12-unit apartment complex. Within two years, he sold it for $495,000.

He continued strategic investments, selling a 30-unit building for $1.2 million after earning $5,000 monthly. Kiyosaki's journey exemplifies prudent decision-making and the rewards of calculated real estate choices.

3. Startups: The Rich Dad Company :-

In 1996, Kiyosaki established Rich Dad, a company offering financial education through publications, courses, and games. The company garners consistent growth, attracting over one million Twitter followers and millions of unique platform visitors.

Rich Dad Education, founded in 2006, is a thriving division with an estimated value exceeding $20 million. Its offerings include webinars, workshops, and mentor programs, shaping financial knowledge for over 20,000 students.

4. Robert Kiyosaki gold and silver investment:-

Kiyosaki advocates investing in tangible assets like gold and silver as hedges against inflation. He diversified his portfolio with gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Precious metals, with steady growth, reflect his commitment to strategic investments.

5. Robert Kiyosaki Crypto investments :-

Kiyosaki's portfolio includes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. He predicts Bitcoin could reach $12.5 million by 2031. Emphasizing diversification and responsible allocation, he balances risk with his belief in crypto's potential.

6. Robert Kiyosaki’s Social Media Influence :-

Kiyosaki's extensive social media following—14.62 million across platforms—offers him substantial potential for sponsored content. Estimated earnings per sponsored post could reach $146,000, leveraging his influence.

7. S&P500 :-

Considering investment preferences like gold, real estate, and Bitcoin, Kiyosaki's net worth has thrived. Though a hypothetical investment in the S&P 500 would have been lucrative, his diverse assets have played a pivotal role in his financial journey.


Robert Kiyosaki's journey underscores the power of strategic investments and financial acumen. With a net worth exceeding $100 million, he's become a beacon of financial literacy, inspiring countless individuals to pave their paths to financial success.


1. What is Robert Kiyosaki's Net Worth?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's net worth stands at $147 million in 2023. This marks a considerable increase from his net worth of around $80 million in 2012, showcasing an impressive growth rate of 83.7% over the past decade.

2. How Much Does Robert Kiyosaki Make Per Year?

Answer: While there is no official documentation, reports suggest that Robert Kiyosaki's monthly earnings range between $1.5 million to $2 million. His substantial income streams highlight his financial success.

3. What Are Robert Kiyosaki's Earnings Breakdown?


- Per Month: $490,000

- Per Week: $113,085

- Per Day: $16,155

- Per Hour: $673

4. How Does Robert Kiyosaki Invest His Money?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's investment strategy encompasses a diversified approach, including:

- Real Estate: Focusing on cash-flow positive properties for enduring wealth.

- Precious Metals: Investing in gold and silver as hedges against inflation and economic uncertainties.

- Cryptocurrencies: Diversifying his portfolio with digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

5. How Has Robert Kiyosaki's Portfolio Evolved?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's net worth growth illustrates his adherence to prudent financial principles. While a hypothetical S&P 500 investment in 2012 would have yielded significant gains, Kiyosaki's diversified assets, such as Gold, Silver, Real Estate, and Bitcoin, have contributed to his current net worth.

6. What Are Robert Kiyosaki's Main Teachings?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's teachings revolve around financial education, distinguishing between assets and liabilities, and creating passive income streams through investments.

7. What Are Robert Kiyosaki's Most Famous Books?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's most renowned book is "Rich Dad Poor Dad." This personal finance classic emphasizes the importance of financial literacy and investing for wealth creation.

8. What Are Robert Kiyosaki's Educational Contributions?

Answer: Beyond his books, Robert Kiyosaki created the board game "Cash Flow," designed to impart financial lessons through gameplay. His dedication to financial education has resonated globally.

9. How Does Robert Kiyosaki's Investment Philosophy Align?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's investment philosophy aligns with his teachings, emphasizing the creation of assets that generate income and the pursuit of financial freedom through smart choices.

10. What Are Some Controversies and Criticisms?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's investment strategies and financial advice have faced criticisms, including concerns about oversimplification and potential misrepresentation of certain concepts.

11. What Are Robert Kiyosaki's Family and Background?

Answer: Born in Hawaii in 1947, Robert Kiyosaki's upbringing and experiences have influenced his financial philosophy. He was previously in a financial-focused power couple with Kim Kiyosaki.

12. What Is Robert Kiyosaki's Influence on Financial Literacy?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's legacy lies in his significant contribution to financial education, empowering individuals to adopt sound financial practices and build wealth intelligently.

13. How Does Robert Kiyosaki's Portfolio Reflect Financial Intelligence?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's portfolio growth and diversification exemplify his commitment to financial intelligence, reinforcing the principles he advocates.

14. What Are Robert Kiyosaki's Business Ventures?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki has been involved in various ventures, including books, seminars, board games, and financial education initiatives, contributing to his net worth and influence.

15. What Are Some Benefits of Following Robert Kiyosaki's Advice?

Answer: Following Robert Kiyosaki's advice may lead to improved financial literacy, better money management skills, and potential wealth-building opportunities through strategic investments.

16. How Has Robert Kiyosaki Leveraged Social Media?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's substantial social media following enables him to potentially earn from sponsored content, amplifying his influence in the financial education sphere.

17. How Has Robert Kiyosaki Adapted to Changing Markets?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's adaptable investment choices, from real estate to precious metals and cryptocurrencies, demonstrate his ability to navigate evolving financial landscapes.

18. How Does Robert Kiyosaki Advocate Financial Independence?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki encourages individuals to prioritize building assets that generate passive income, enabling financial independence beyond traditional employment.

19. What Role Has Robert Kiyosaki Played in Financial Literacy?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's role in financial literacy extends beyond his books, influencing a generation to embrace smart investing, financial education, and entrepreneurship.

20. How Does Robert Kiyosaki's Philosophy Extend Beyond Finance?

Answer: Robert Kiyosaki's philosophy extends beyond finance, motivating individuals to think critically about wealth, education, and choices that shape their lives.

How Robert Kiyosaki make his money ?